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When safety is the most important thing

Keep yourself


Some of the items you can purchase:

When you need security equipment, head to H & H Outdoors and you will find quality equipment at reasonable prices.


Whether you are a security guard or a police officer, our experienced staff is ready to help you outfit yourself with whatever you may need.


If you aren't sure about something, feel free to ask questions. We have the knowledge you need to get the answers you require before making a purchase.

• Nightsticks

• Handcuffs

• Pepper spray

• Batons

• Sabre Teargas


Brands include Rocky, Bates, Propper, Boston Leather and Wolverine.


Whether you work the night shift and need something to reassure you on your walk to your car or you are an officer of the law and want superior equipment for protection, we have everything you want to keep you safe.

Enjoy the personal attention and excellent customer service you receive from all of our crew. Be in and out quickly with your purchases.

Stop in and see us!




If you want to know more about our safety equipment, call today.




• Oxfords

• Zipper Boots (6inch and 8inch)

• BDU's

• Uniform pants and shirts

• Duty and leather belt

• Pouches for all your equipment